Micro-Shelter Communities (MSC's)

Community supported shelters

on Church properties that
provide safety, upward mobility

and a healthy community
to the marginalized of our city. 


The solution to homelessness is a home and a new community.  

And for that to happen, they need:
1. A friend
2. A home
3. A purpose
4. A hope

This is what church sponsored Micro-Shelter Communities offer. 


Micro-Shelters Communities (MSC) A transitional safe place where advocates and professional address
issues that led to their homelessness.

MSC’s provide upward mobility and a hand-up to new friends and community.

They are a transitional safe place where advocates and professionals help people address issues that led to their homelessness.


- At churches there will be from three to five shelters per MSC.  There can be up to twenty residents at MSC’s hosted by non-profits.


- Volunteers mentor and connect residents to local

resources for six to ten months.


- Those completing their transition plan move onto the third stage for a home.


Home - Housing with supportive services and community.

- Advocates extend friendship to homeless individuals and assist
them in identifying and receiving resources. Those graduating from
the MSC move on to an appropriate option:

- HUD, Access Home, Pathways to Housing, Hill Country, Etc.

- Accessory Dwelling Units - ADUs.

- Sponsored rental contracts.

- Group homes sponsored by resident advocates, church
volunteers, etc.

- Tiny home villages for the chronically and disabled homeless.

We are the Midwives. 

The Churches are the laborers. Micro-Shelter Communities are what we believe are the solution to the gap in housing and community and we are asking local churches to open their property and their hearts to our homeless friends. To our homeless friends, we are working to see this happen but we do not currently have open spots in MSCs. In order to qualify for an MSC when they are ready, you will need to have gone through recovery if needed. Please reach out to us with any questions.