Shasta Thrive Donor Drive - Part 1

“Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness.” (James 3:18)

As Shasta Thrive has been out and about in our community, peacemakers have joined us in answering the call. Peacemakers recognize other peacemakers, see their potential to bring transformation, and naturally want to give of themselves to help. They tell us that what we're doing inspires them. They tell us they want to see more people mobilized to build impactful relationships with effective tools for life. They "get it," and we’re so grateful for every volunteer, every mentor, and every partner! Manter House was founded in 2011, and continues today under Shasta Thrive's guidance to impact the immediate neighborhood and to collaborate with many groups and agencies around the county. Future Story is the faith-based curriculum that was created through years of piloting at Manter House and is now being offered in other settings in the region to increase stability for families. We are so blessed to have planted seeds in hundreds of lives over the years, and we are pressing on to the next season. We are looking for those who will sow financial seeds of peace so we can support the many who give with their time, prayers, and love. Though our police department has reported a 63% decrease in violent crime in the Bruce Street neighborhood over the last 6 years, we continue to carry a burden for our at-risk teens, for the Bruce Street community in Anderson, and for the future stories of families throughout Shasta County. Would you like to help? Monthly donors are the cat's meow for a non-profit organization such as ours. Monthly donations, no matter what the size, help us make plans. Currently, that's a challenge. So we're letting you know of the need. Hence, the "Shasta Thrive Donor Drive!"

We love you and are so blessed to be sewing seeds of peace with you in our community! DeAnna Gallagher and the Shasta Thrive Team

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