Shasta Thrive Donor Drive - Help us raise $7500 to Encourage Youth this Summer!

“Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness.” (James 3:18)

Let us take a minute to honor the givers in our community. We look around, and we see people who are involved! As the Shasta Thrive team, we are all about helping those around us grow and succeed in whatever they've been called to put their hand to. We see so many giving their time, their creativity, their hearts. And to you who give faithfully to help us grow families in faith and skills for life, thank you! Our need this summer is very real! We are called to reach a broader age group this year and in more creative ways. If you have one afternoon a week for 8 weeks and love God and kids, we invite you to come help at Manter House. But, $7500 is the nut to crack to make a memory-making, life-shaping, root-building summer happen for the at-risk youth in our community. (Our Summer GoFundMe)

You may have heard about "ACEs."

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in Shasta County are almost twice as high as the state-wide average. We can complain, blame, or just be discouraged. Or, we can do something about it. Research has shown that certain traumatic experiences in childhood create a trajectory for a person to struggle with addiction, go to prison, battle depression, and more. This is not the abundant life that Jesus came to give us! In the 5-minute clip below, trauma expert Dr. Bruce Perry says, "If you have opportunities to connect with people in positive ways, that can buffer some of those effects ..." When questioned on what this looks like, Oprah simply says, "What he really means is love."

Shasta Thrive wants to continue creating opportunities to connect with people in positive ways. We want to love. Your financial gift now will help us get ready for a summer of opportunity, positive connections, and love ... for at-risk youth, and their parents too!

Please help us raise the $7500 we need to make this happen! (Our Summer GoFundMe) DeAnna Gallagher and the Shasta Thrive Team

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