Shasta Thrive Donor Drive - Summer Youth Space

“Creating thriving communities through empowering relationships.”

That’s our vision statement, and it rings as true today as when our team wordsmithed it together 7 years ago. Creating. “To bring something into existence.” Thriving. “Growing well or vigorously.” Empowering. “Making someone stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their own life ...” So yes, Shasta Thrive’s volunteers are bringing prosperity into existence through relationships that build confidence, emotional health, spiritual health, and overall resiliency. Shasta Thrive is strategically positioned this year to see our vision bear tangible fruit. With partners like the Redding School District, who will again provide the lunch program through Manter House, and volunteers like Pam Hamar, Drew Miller, and Hope Seth to lead the youth activities, we are expecting to engage our community in a powerful way. With friendly and informative visits from local police, fire department, public health and other special guests, we will build unity in our community. The kids will have many opportunities to earn “Manter Bucks” which they will save and spend on prizes and outings (teaching financial management).

Now here’s how you can help. We are seeking to raise $7500 for Manter House’s summer program. Your gift today to Shasta Thrive will be a heart-healthy step for yourself and an empowering step for those serving our community.

Share Our GoFundMe

You can also share our GoFundMe link on your Facebook, Instagram and with anyone you think might resonate with our cause. Thank you! Your financial gift is seen and cherished by God and will be well-stewarded!

Please help us raise the $7500 we need to make this happen! DeAnna Gallagher and the Shasta Thrive Team

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