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Future Story

Future Story is a four-month transformational program, equipping participants with the skills and the vision necessary to pursue wholeness. Learn more here.

What is Future Story?

Future Story is a four-month workshop where participants experience transformation through discovering their strengths and developing goals. We explore 11 resources needed to increase stability and live with purpose. Each participant is encouraged by mentors along the way.

The ideal workshop for people looking to walk in stabilitywith their finances, health, and/or relationships.

  • Learn how to make molehills out of mountains!

  • Gain perspective on your past.

  • Find direction for your future.

  • Learn new tools that will help you create and reach your goals.

  • Find support in a small group, and earn rewards for participating. 

To learn more about our Future Story workshops or become a Future Story facilitator, please contact us here or email us at!

Purchase your Future Story Workbook here!

Learn more about Future Story through these video recaps:


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