Image by May Gauthier

What is an Advocate?


  • We envision a Shasta County-wide collaborative and volunteer force that is knowledgeable of needs, necessary steps, and opportunities for homeless people to become stable and reconnect with their purpose in life.

  • We envision an expanded wrap-around, well-connected volunteer advocate team (currently 20 to build to 250) able to navigate current and emerging community resources for recovery, housing, and support. 

  • Mobilize, equip, and support communities of caring volunteer advocates who mentor the unsheltered toward stable and purposeful living.



  • Help people get into a safe and stable place as a priority (such as a MSC)


  • Mentor up to 3 individuals and follow their progress to stability.


  • Obtain support and overcome barriers through communication with their team and team leaders (up to 25 advocates per 1 team leader).

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