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About Shasta Thrive

We believe in the power of community and the crucial role that healthy relationships play in bringing wholeness, healing, and home. Read more about our vision as Shasta Thrive.

Koinonia - “A Greek word meaning to be drawn together by intimate participation. It is often used to describe the idealized state of fellowship, prayer and service within the early Christian Church.”

We believe that the Church is the Body of Christ in which the Spirit resides and through which He moves. Shasta Thrive seeks the transformation and restoration of the most hurting parts of our community through meaningful relationships. We are a faith-based movement of people called by God to come alongside the hurting, the heartsick, the homeless and recovering, the stuck and isolated. We find our joy in loving well and equipping others to give back. The heart of Shasta Thrive is to invite the ostracized and isolated into the deeply fulfilling and deeply needed koinonia of the Church family. We believe this community is the key to growth and stepping into the fullness of the purpose and identity intended for each of us by God.


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