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Resources for Recovery

Our desire for our friends suffering from drug and alcohol addiction is that they would have the courage to pursue recovery and the support to boldly approach every step along the way. Here's a brief guide to the rehab resources in the Shasta Community.

A Guide to Rehab

Our heart and our desire for our friends we meet who are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction is that they would have the courage to go to recovery and the support to boldly approach every step along the way. We believe freedom is available to anyone who wants it and we want to take the guesswork out of the process. We get it, it can be confusing!    

We understand how vulnerable the recovery process is and how easy it is to fall back into addiction and homelessness when there's no place to go after the program is over. Relapse is the result of unchanged community, the trap waiting for those who return to the same friends which fueled their addictions.

Maybe you are a home group, friend, or family member of someone you would love to see go into recovery, or maybe you are personally considering this decision, we wanted to make the process of making this choice as clear and simple as possible. We want to ensure your success by:

  • Supporting you as a home group, friend, or family member of someone in recovery to know how to walk alongside this person


  • Supporting you as you decide to enter into recovery by visiting you and seeing you through to the next step. 

Most importantly, the Friend and Promise Pass -

We know getting through Rehab takes work, and many on this journey won't succeed without the help and support of a friend cheering them on. If you know someone you want to see journey through Rehab, we recommend utilizing this friend and promise pass as a reassurance of your support through this process!

Digitial copy at the end of the page.

Physical copies available upon request here.

Please reference this as a how-to guide. 

  1. First, make sure that the person you want to help wants detox/rehab more than you want it for them. There is almost always a waiting list. If the person is not determined enough to call in daily to see if there’s room available, then they may not get in. Most people seeking rehab leave soon after arriving. Rehab programs have noted that those who make it kept calling the rehab program to get in. They did not wait to be called.

  2. Next, help your friend call Beacon Health Solutions. You cannot do if for them. 855-765-9703

    Beacon will determine with them which of the following steps to take:

    1. Do they have Partnership Health “inpatient insurance?” This is the MediCal backed insurance they need to go into a program.

    2. If they only have Partnership insurance for an outpatient program, they should call another Partnership department to see about inpatient insurance - 707-464-4813 or call 888-446-4408.

**If you'd like help with this process, Hill Country can help you help your friend. Take your friend to the Care Center at 1401 Gold Street, Redding, CA or call 530-319-7066. Go in the morning, after 10am. They offer this service!

**Prepare: Get a journal to have one place for notes, make sure you or your friend has a mobile phone, gather all needed toiletries, towels, and a week's worth of clothing to bring your chosen recovery center

3. Detox: Some programs will let you in without first going to detox, while others only require 72 hours of sobriety.

Here are the local options for a medically supervised detox:

1. Empire Recovery Center Withdrawal Management Program: Call (530) 246-8339; 3-7 day stay; submit a one-page application that can also be done over the phone; once accepted, must get a medical clearance from the hospital before entering the program.

2. Mercy Hospital Bridge Program: Call (877) 418-4733; Medically supervised detox from heroin and opioid addiction with the use of Suboxone or Methadone for 72 hours 

4. Finally, it's time to go to recovery! Here are some excellent local options we recommend (click the image to be directed to the website):


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