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Hill Country: Holistic Care over the Holidays

by Jess Luoma

As the Christmas season falls upon us, it brings with it great joy and celebration, but it also brings great pain for those experiencing loss and homelessness.

Many experience higher levels of stress and seasonal depression during the Holidays. Some don't have a warm home and family to surround them and some find being around family very triggering.

Hill Country Health & Wellness Center offers holistic care to those who are struggling this season.

At their CARE Center, they offer free recovery support and crisis intervention. This means if you or someone you know is ready for rehab, they will get you squared away (the C.A.R.E. Center is open 365 days a year, 12-9 on weekdays, 11-9 on weekends and holidays). Also, if you find yourself struggling with any distressing or traumatic situation, from the sudden loss of a loved one to suicidal ideation to abuse, they can help.

Or perhaps you're witnessing someone experiencing a mental health crisis or someone who is a danger to themself or others and you don't know what to do-- you can call their free urgent Mobile Crisis Outreach Team (MCOT) and they will drive to that person with a calming presence and give a professional evaluation and help best meet their need.

"We got a call once from someone experiencing a panic attack near the anniversary of losing a family member. They weren’t able to drive to get to the Care Center. When we first got there, they were distraught and feeling hopeless. By the end, they had reconnected to a meaningful image from nature, reconnected with their hope, and were laughing and joking with us," says John Luoma, MCOT Clinician.

Luoma recalls, "another time we showed up and helped someone with a simple and practical need, getting to the Rescue Mission on a cold night. We offered emotional support and helped brainstorm the next steps, but they denied any thoughts of suicide, and that just wasn’t the focus. Later on, they shared that they had been feeling suicidal and had been ready to end their life that day, and that we had helped them step back from the ledge just by showing up with kindness and helping them meet their very real, urgent needs."

Let's look out for each other this Holiday season. If you are in need, don't be afraid to ask for help. If you are concerned for someone, make the call. We have worked with Hill Country many times--- they are an incredible resource to our community. Whether you're witnessing someone in urgent need on your drive to work or you are personally ready for help, call Hill Country and they will help get you through it with kindness and compassion.


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