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Hope Street Choir: Reconnecting to Hope through Music

by Jess Luoma

Our friends, Hope Street Choir is based in Redding, CA and brings the homeless into a community that reconnects them to their hope and purpose through music.

Debi Bailey-Brown and Joe Lee started the choir after years of putting on Live, Love, Laugh, Laundry, a free laundry day for the homeless in our city, and Hope Recovery, a recovery group for those battling addiction. After spending time with people at Laundry Day and doing karaoke while clothes were being washed, they noticed something special among their friends: many had beautiful musical talents.

Drawing inspiration from San Diego's Voice of our City Choir, they believed they could create a space where people could experience unity through a healthy community with a common goal. They also believed in the power of music to heal and inspire. Through the partnership with social services and out of the organic relationships formed, they hope to house every choir member and see them set free from addiction and into a thriving community.

Watch the video below to hear about why they got started and how they are seeing lives changed through the power of music:

Hope Street has performed all over Redding & hopes to continue to perform in our city and beyond. Whether it's a moonlit Thanksgiving set or Christmas jingles, they are sure to inspire and bring life wherever they sing. If you're interested in having the choir sing at your event, reach out to the email below.

They meet every week on Friday from 10AM-1PM at the Shasta City Arts Council in downtown Redding to practice songs, share about their lives & enjoy a meal together. If you'd like to find out more email

The choir is also looking for volunteers to help write songs, prepare lunch and provide transportation for those who are unable to attend practice otherwise. They would love to purchase a van for transportation and are taking donations here.


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