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Our Vision for the Homeless and the Church

Over the last couple of years, spending daily time with our homeless friends in various encampments, we have learned a lot. We have discovered key insights into how to really address what's happening on the streets and what our role is. We've always known that this is an effort that can't be solved alone, but what has become very clear is that it is indeed the job of the church. We are the midwives. The churches are the laborers.

Imagine what could happen if the church claimed its rightful role. Not only would we make great strides in reaching more of our homeless neighbors, but we'd also begin to fulfill Jesus' call to love our neighbor as ourselves and to take care of the poor. I can assure you, this is the key to the fulfillment we all seek. The true fulfillment we seek is Jesus Himself and when we do these things to them, we do them to Him.

Read through our brochure intended for the church below and catch the vision of the role we envision for our local churches:

Together we can solve this.

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