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Pallet Shelters Arrive in Redding

by Jess Luoma

Shasta Thrive joined the community effort to solve homelessness via micro shelter communities as we helped unload & construct the first shipment of Pallet Shelters on March 10, 2022.

Pallet shelters, purchased by the city of Redding, will provide temporary housing and give residents access to healthy community, case workers and a necessary bridge in the gap of affordable housing. These 100 sq ft (double) and 64 sq ft (single) aluminum structures will begin to pop up on city land in partnership with community organizations. They will also be placed on church properties in Redding, CA-- with both Pallet shelters and micro shelters built by students at CHYBA. They will include AC/heat units, storage & a fold down bed. Churches have begun to grasp the vision and the call of Jesus to participate in this work.

These shelters are temporarily being stored at Shasta Builders Exchange, but with the increasing number of people displaced, unable to afford housing & in cycles of survival/addiction, the urgency for communities of micro shelters to take shape is felt by both the city and those who are actively advocating for the homeless. And of course, it's most strongly felt by the nearly 1000 homeless in our city who desperately desire a hand up. In that, a beautiful display of community partnership and care for the needy has unfolded. It's truly an honor to be a part of. Watch the video below and continue reading.

Of course with any project like this, the unknowns felt by citizens and neighbors can stir fear and resistance. That's just human nature. As we have met with those with concerns, we have learned together. The cultural mindset toward our homeless community is being shifted. Many are coming out of the woodwork to contribute and play their part. Many who are currently and formerly homeless are also playing a vital role in describing their needs and shedding light onto what it actually looks like to be homeless in Redding. Together we will solve this. It is in service to others that we activate our purpose and find freedom from the trivialities of self. I personally can attest to this.

To find out more, watch the story by Mike Mangas of KRCR here to hear how the community is getting involved. Please comment below with your thoughts and questions and look out for a post answering common questions and misconceptions.


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