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Story of Success: Michael Williamson

by Jessica Luoma

After seven years of homelessness in Redding, Michael Williamson has shown all of us that there is always hope. Michael is now living with a roof over his head at Visions of the Cross and fighting for the same story for so many who still suffer outdoors, including his brother Alan.

When Michael went through a divorce, he not only lost custody of his children but also lost his home due to high rental costs in Redding. The stress of the loss also impacted his local business, causing it to permanently close.

Through all of the suffering, Michael did not lose sight of his values, goals & faith. He also opened himself up to the support and discipleship of advocates at Shasta Thrive who continues to walk alongside him. He hopes to be a father to his children again & also help those who are still living in encampments.


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