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You're Invited! Take Part in the Advocates for Community Network

by Anjali Smith and Jess Luoma


What is the Advocates for Community Network?

"Housing will never solve homelessness, but community will." -Alan Graham

The network of resources, new friends, and needed to exit homelessness is so much larger than one initially expects!

The Advocates for Community Network (ACN) is a diverse network of leaders co-creating a movement to befriend and live in community with our homeless neighbors.

From Homelessness to Home

"Show me your friends and I'll show you your future."

Change the trajectory of lives by changing the cycle of relationships keeping them in substance use and homelessness. Befriend and transition homeless neighbors from:

  1. homeless camps to

  2. drug rehabilitation centers

  3. transitional housing programs

  4. permanent housing in the context of committed communities of support through churches & home groups

What do we do?

The main root of homelessness is the disintegration of nuclear family.

Without a hand-up into healthy communities after rehab, our homeless friends return to toxic relationships on the streets. The ACN facilitates resources, counsel, and a network of connections to reintegrate the homeless into healthy communities and walking them from homelessness and isolation into homes and community.

Are you ready to connect with the network?

Do you want to help provide solutions for our homeless community, but aren't sure where to start?

We are excited to help friends like Audrey, who is elderly & disabled and currently living in a homeless encampment. She dreams of writing books of poetry!

Join the conversation around homelessness and find support along the way as we work to uplift this community together.

We invite you to connect to the network of individuals and organizations who are playing vital roles in this community effort.

Not Ready to Advocate? Donate!

With your donations, we are able to provide…

  • Deposits & prorated rent for transitional housing

  • Life skill program costs for 18 months during the transitional housing stage

  • A financial net to catch those who are making great strides in their recovery and are navigating the next steps of stability


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